Are you a salon owner?

We have designed Architect cosmetics to offer bespoke and safe products to your clients in your salon.  If you would like to stock any of our products in your salon, get in touch today!


Wholesale Eyelash Extension trays - Start your own brand today!

We can help you private label your own Lash Trays. These Lash Trays are Premium PBT silk and is the exact same product that I use within my salon, Lash Architect. You can rest assure that your Lash brand will be a top quality product.

We supply you with the de-labelled Lash Trays, you simply need to add your own logo labels and YOU have your very own, incredibly profitable Private Label Lash trays

Enquire within for our wholesale pricelist. We retail these lash trays at $25.99 to customers around NZ.

Remember that the products you chose to represent your brand must be amazing quality! We have low minimum order quantities so you can save money and time. You could buy directly from manufactures overseas but not only does this waste a lot of money but also time...and time is money when trying to build a brand.

Lash Architect founder has been in the industry for 11 years so you can rest assure you are ordering Lash trays from a brand you can trust. 



Got a question, or would like to place an order? You can email us directly at info@lasharchitect.co.nz or phone +64220370274