Melano III Sunscreen

Melano III Sunscreen

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Mélano III brings nutrition and protection to your skin. It protects against dryness, sunburn, pigmentation spots and skin cancer.

Usage Instructions
Face: apply Melano III over other specific creams for outdoor activities.

Body: apply all over before sun exposure. Repeat application after a couple of hours or after bathing.

Key Ingredients
Biological compounds rich in vitamins and trace elements.
Shea butter.
Apricot and Sweet almond oils.
Sun filter SPF 27.
Benefits of Key Ingredients
Bring nutritive molecules supporting skin defence.
Helps to retain skin moisture, healing and anti-inflammatory.
Protect against dryness.
Maximum protection against sunburns, pigmentation spots and skin cancer.

Skin Conditions
All skin types.

Melano III can be applied all over the face and body before sun exposure.